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With more than 20 years of experience, GMT is one of the leading manufacturers for Linear Guiding and Drive Technology in the Asian market. GMTs headquarters and factory are located in Taiwan. They have a new branch office in Germany, 

The products are specialized for miniaturized and small applications, where high precision is needed. Main product range includes products like: Mini-Stages, XY Tables, Linear Slide and Guide Ways, Couplings and Support Units

GMT has already built a large stock for support units and manual positioners in Germany so that short delivery times can be guaranteed.

Having a high vertical integration, GMT can provide a constant and good quality. Therewith a direct access to all stages of production

Product Range.

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Support Unit


Slide Rail - Table

Positioning Stage

Standard Motorized Stage

Precision Motorized Stage

Precision Alignment Stage

Precision Locknuts

Precision Ballscrews

XY Table


Stepping Motor

Linear Actuators

‚ÄčLinear Drive


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