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ROLLON is a leading international manufacturer of linear bearings and actuators designed to meet the requirements of engineers involved in machine design applications across all industries including plant assembly, packaging design, transportation, manufacturing, medical device development.

X Rail - Now Available Ex Stock

  • Three sizes: 20, 30 and 45mm rail width
  • Standard rail lengths up to 3,120mm, different lengths upon request
  • Combination of T and U rails for fixed bearing / loose bearing applications
  • Sliders preload can be easily adjusted
  • The running rollers in the stainless steel version are protected against water by a plastic cover
  • High temperature resistance up to 120°C/250°F

Compact Rail
  • Three rail types, T, K and U profiles, with fixed or loose bearings (T+U or K+U), compensate for production tolerances, e.g. for machine housing.
  • Compact dimensions thanks to internal raceways
  • Two slider types, N-series with aluminium diecast bodies, C-series with steel bodies
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Suitable for processing speeds up to 9 m/s
  • Sizes 18, 28, 43, 63mm rail widths
  • Adjustable preload

  • Five size ranges: 22, 28, 35, 43 and 63mm rail widths
  • Internally lying, inductively hardened raceways
  • High basic load rating
  • No problems with shocks and vibrations even in 24/7 applications
  • Standard rail lengths up to 1,970mm available depending on installation sizes, different lengths upon request

  • Two rail widths 16 and 23mm
  • Zinc plated rails and sliders as per ISO 2081
  • Strokes over 3,000mm
  • Straight and curved paths in one rail
  • Sliders with four rollers, arranged in pairs, maintain the preload over the whole length of the rail
  • Parts as per drawing, customised for each application

Mono Rail

Mono Rail

  • Sizes from 15 to 55mm
  • Standard and flat sliders, with and without flanges
  • Different precision and preload classes
  • Also fixing holes from the bottom available
  • Comprehensive range of accessories, e.g. metal wipers or cover strips

Miniture Mono Rail
  • Quiet running.
  • Robust, corrosion and dust resistant
  • Four-point contacts for same load capacity in all directions
  • Sliders can be separated from rails without losing balls
  • Long maintenance intervals thanks to sealed lubrication cycle

Light Rail

Light Rail

  • Locking mechanism in open or closed position in option
  • Various designs, maximum stroke 1,100mm
  • Telescopic extraction up to 105% of the closed slide length

Telescopic Rail

Telescopic Rail

  • DS Series
  • DE Series
  • DBN Series
  • DMS Series
  • ASN Series
  • LTF Series
  • The DMS63 Series the supported load can reach 2,000kg per pair.


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