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The steel Cage® is the key

Posi Lock™ pullers are the most popular pullers on the market.

Posi Lock™ offers a complete line of 2 and 3 jaw pullers (manual and hydraulic). The manual pullers range from 1 to 40 ton capacity. The hydraulic pullers range from 5 to100 ton capacity. In addition to the complete line of pullers, accessory items are also available

Posi Lock™ continues its aggressive research and development of products and accessory items in the industrial, automotive and agricultural markets

12 Ton Hydraulic Puller

  • 12 tons of pulling force
  • 3.3 in. (83 mm) ram stroke
  • T-handle clamps jaws securely
  • Easy hand-pumping hydraulic action
  • Swiveling adjustable-length handle
  • Easy hand-pumping hydraulic action
  • Self-contained hydraulic pump and cylinder
  • Forged and heat-treated jaws for superior strength
  • Patented Safety Cage® prevents jaws from slipping off work surface

Internal / External Slide Hammer Pull Set





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Posi Lock Hydraulic Bench Vise

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