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Slot Grease Refillable Automatic Lubricator Oiler 220 ml

Slot Grease Refillable Automatic Lubricator Oiler 220 ml


Product Details:

The SLOT GREASE Oiler are oilers which can be used and refilled with all types and grades of oil viscosity. They preserve the same characteristics, advantages, applications, duration and provisions of the Classic models.


  • 220 ml container. Made of transparent *Lexan®, with high mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance. Sturdy and operating -30°C to +132°C.
  • Easy and fast to refill with all types of grease NLGI 0-1-2-3 from side lubricator H standard.
  • New simplified setting for grease exit: 1, 3, 6, 12 months(*) variable at any time. Standard M medium spring, optional D light spring for high temperature and/or fluid grease, optional F strong spring for low temperature and/or dense grease
  • Size: 220 ml
  • No battery or gas needed
  • On Demand” supply

Side lubricator H standard   

  • Spring
    M medium standard
    D light optional
    L strong optional